Ripchair tracked chair

Video: These Tracked Chairs Make the Outdoors Wheelchair-Accessible

These incredible tracked chairs mean there's a way to enjoy the outdoors even if walking isn't an option anymore.

These vehicles really impress me. Sure, I was skeptical at first. I thought they'd tip over or get stuck, but the more I watched, the more I was convinced. These tracked chairs are unstoppable. For the outdoorsman who needs accessibility, they're nothing short of amazing.

The Ripchair 2.o by Howe and Howe Tech is a vehicle designed to give wheelchair users their freedom back.

From getting a deer to fishing in the river, these tracked chairs can go anywhere.

Did you catch the grade on the ramp at the end? That was 70 percent! Can my car even do that?

There is a Ripchair 3.0 out now, and there are also some attachments to get more use out of these little powerhouses, including a snow plow to do your driveway.

Each one is handcrafted and can be built to specifications. There's even a quadriplegic version, offering complete control out where you need it. Quality does come at a price, however, with the average being around $37,000.

There are plenty of cars that manufacturers have altered so a person in a wheelchair can drive. There are also many older folks that can drive but may not be up for a hiking miles through rough country. The fact that you don't need assistance with getting in and out of this vehicle shows how much thought went into its design.

Sure, they may be a little loud, but I think about how many deer I've had to get out of my car to yell at to get out of the road because the engine sound just didn't seem to startle them. 

Some people think it creates too much disturbance or looks too much like a military vehicle out in nature. But to me, if you're missing out on the outdoors, because of injury, illness or age, there's simply no price on reconnecting.