Video: Tennessee's Largest Non-Typical Bucks

These are some impressive bucks!

Most people outside of Tennessee probably don't view the Volunteer State as a big buck factory. But with Stephen Tucker's harvest of a new potential largest hunter-killed buck in 2016, the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency set out to prove what they already knew.

And, the state does produce some monster cluster bucks. At the Southeast Deer Study Group held in Nashville, they put together a collection of some of the largest ever taken there, including a replica of Tucker's buck. Check out the impressive display in the video below.

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The TWRA put the video together for people who were unable to attend the Southeast Deer Study Group.

"The pending world record Tucker Buck has drawn attention to a unique type of non-typical rack that has come to be know as a 'cluster,'" the description of the video reads. "Captain Dale Grandstaff, charged with putting together the big buck display for the Southeast Deer Study Group (SEDSG) being held this week in Nashville, organized a group effort to gather an impressive collection of 'Cluster Buck' mounts, borrowed from hunters across Tennessee. It's very unlikely that this group of mounts will be together again."

The Tennessean further reports another reason for the display was just to provide some more legitimacy to the Tucker buck.

"We put together this display since Tucker's buck is a potential record and there are so many naysayers that say, 'Tennessee doesn't grow those, Tennessee doesn't have them,' TWRA captain and commander Dale Grandstaff told the Tennessean. "We went out and got all these other cluster bucks that are in the state to show people yes, we do have them. Yes, we have had them. Yes, all of our non-typicals that score really high, 225 inches and above, are these crazy cluster bucks."

Well, you've got us convinced! Impressive display, guys!