vintage hunting photos

#WhitetailWednesday: Check Out 20 More Incredible Vintage Hunting Photos

These old photos are absolute classics.

Last September, we shared a bunch of vintage hunting photos with you for #WhitetailWednesday. We had so much fun with that post, we decided we'd do it again and scrounged the internet for some of the best ones we could find.

These photos represent a different time in hunting. Many of these were taken before bag limits and other regulations came into play, some of the harvests can seem excessive. Still, there is something fascinating and cool about these old photos.

Buck pole

The buck poles just seemed heavier back then.

Michigan's U.P.

I've heard a lot of old-timers say the hunting in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan used to be second to none. With pictures like this, I believe it.

In color

Most hunting photos from the 1950s and 1960s seem to be in black and white. It's a rare treat to see one in color.


What a cool-looking non-typical!

When plaid was king

Red plaid isn't as common for hunting as it used to be. But back then, it was the only way to go!

Tennessee Monster

What a buck!

Mustaches and big bucks


This is REALLY old-school.

Great depression bucks

The date of 1934 puts this squarely in the middle of the Great Depression. These bucks probably went a long way in feeding these men's families.

Brow tines

Look at the brows on this buck, those things are daggers!

Hunting camp

Talk about old school. And check out the mass on that one buck!

The Bambino

Did you know Babe Ruth was an avid hunter? Looks like he had some awesome success, too!

Truck pole

That's one way to hang up your harvest!

No camo

They didn't need fancy camo back then to harvest the big bucks!


Check out those outfits and shotguns!

Fred Bear

Just like our last list, this one is incomplete without an appearance from the legend!

Buck on the hood

No one puts their bucks up on their hoods anymore.

Minnesota Monsters

Can we just talk about that fifth buck from the left? The one that appears to have seven typical points on its right side? Holy smokes, what a monster! Makes you wonder where those antlers are today and what they would score!

Fender bender

Putting your buck on the front fender just seems like it was the preferred method of displaying your harvest in the old days.

Old-school huntress

Yes, women hunted back then, too!

Gnarly old buck

Seeing photos like these makes you wonder how many gnarly old monster bucks have never seen a scorer's tape.

These photos may have been taken in a different time when hunting was much different, but the joy of a successful harvest is still the same!