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Video: Rescue Boat's Rooster Tail Helps Battle Blaze in Houston

You have to love the outstanding ingenuity this rescue team employed! 

We've all seen the mass destruction Hurricane Harvey has brought to Texas, most especially the city of Houston. But through that utter despair we have also been witness to untold acts of heroism, selflessness, and generosity. I'd like to add ingenuity to that list.

The following clip showcases some awesome 'thinking outside the box' by the Arkadelphia and Houston Fire Departments. And as you're about to see, if you have a boat, the city is submerged in water, and you have a structure fire to battle - well, I think the coined phrase is... 'let 'er rip!'

Here's the cool video:

Arkadelphia Fire Department working with Houston Fire Department on a structure fire. Beau Bishop Jason Hunt

Posted by Christopher Sparks on Wednesday, August 30, 2017

This clip reminds us of a story we recently featured, were a jet boat driver took it upon himself to help fight a grass fire in British Columbia. You can watch that incredible video HERE.

Our hats off to all the men and women working tirelessly to help out in the state of Texas. Thank you.

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Video: Rescue Boat's Rooster Tail Helps Battle Blaze in Houston