jet boat
Tasha Hunt

Jet Boat Driver Attempts to Extinguish B.C. Grass Fire in Epic Video

British Columbia couple become volunteer fire fighters when they notice grass going up in flames.

It was supposed to simply be the first spin of the season for a B.C. couple in their high-powered jet boat. But that wasn't the case, as on July 29, the pair jumped into action when they spotted flames on the banks of the South Thompson River.

Koyne Watson and Tasha Hunt's pride and joy is a retrofitted 1,000-horsepower jet boat that is capable of reaching a top speed of 97 miles an hour. And at the business end of Watson's baby is the Eliminator Scorpion - not surprisingly, colored red.

jet boat

Tasha Hunt

When the pair spotted smoke and flames, they were floating with friends. Tasha made a quick call to emergency crews to alert them while Koyne put his own plan into action. And what a cool one it was.

Here's the incredible video:

Folk on the water cheered on the valiant efforts of the creative couple, with many calling them heroes.

The video certainly gives you a good idea of how far one of these powerful boats can spray water. Simply incredible.

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