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Video: Red Rover, Red Rover, We Call Mr. Bull Elk Over

Bull Elk
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This man's probably never been so grateful to see a wooden fence.

A bull elk is one animal you never want to see angry. With huge body mass and tines that stretch for miles, these larger-than-life males can become downright ornery in the fall.

The following cell phone footage came from an incident in Yellowstone National Park this past weekend. It shows exactly how fast the tables can turn when a bull elk takes a disliking to you.

One thing's for sure, and that is this guy's wife wasn't sticking around to see whether or not he survived!

This whole situation could have turned out bad. If it weren't for that wooden fence, chances are this guy would've taken a beating.

Just another day at a national park!

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Video: Red Rover, Red Rover, We Call Mr. Bull Elk Over