Moron of the Month
Kendra Neef/Instagram

And September's Moron of the Month Award Goes to...

Because it's always wise to tempt a bull elk with your cell phone, right?

We've highlighted a wide range of morons here at Wide Open Spaces. From the one guy who thought it'd be cool to wrestle an 11-point buck to another who tried dressing up as a T-Rex to play patty-cake with a full-grown alligator, we've seen it all.

Similar to the moron we highlighted last month, who was sentenced to 130 days in jail for teasing a bison, September's recipient of our infamous award is a shoe-in for sure.

It doesn't take a lot of street smarts to know a mature bull elk is not an animal you want to mess with. Yet here again, a tourist visiting Canada's Jasper National Park seems to have one screw loose in the cranial of common sense.

He didn't seem overly concerned with that first charge, did he? All you can do is simply shake your head.

Another month, another deserving moron!

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