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Pics: Does Pennsylvania Have a New Record Elk?

The unofficial score beats the state record.

Pennsylvania may be crowning a new state record bull elk. The monster elk, which was harvested Nov. 3 in Centre County, unofficially scored 443-1/8. The current non-typical record stands at 442-6/8 and the typical record stands at 387-7/8. It's currently unknown which category this rack will fall under.

Ron Marney, who resides in New Kensington, shot the elk after spending a week in the woods alongside his brother and guides Mike Conaway and Larry Guenot from Trophy Rack Lodge. The group covered about 35 miles in their quest for "the one." He downed the bull with three of four shots from 352 yards.

"I was jumping up and down—very excited," Marney told the Daily Times. "When we got up close, I could see how massive the rack was. The points on top were up to 20 inches long. I just couldn't believe the mass."

Here is the post from the Facebook page of Trophy Rack Lodge:

Now the waiting game begins. Sixty days must pass before an official score can be taken. That period will end in early January.

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