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Video: Owl Pays The Ultimate Price for Trying to Take On Bullsnake

Champion Ranch/Facebook

Nine times out of ten, the owl comes out on top. This time the odds weren't on its side.

The owl is a highly skillful and proficient killer of snakes. But every once in a while, they miscalculate their attack, leaving them open to a body hug that literally chokes the life out of them.

A guide with Champion Ranch, located in Rochelle, Texas, spotted the following scene while out for a drive September 17. Thinking it was merely an owl, he decided to take a closer look. It was then he spotted the bullsnake.

Here's the footage of a snake coming out on top:

UNBELIEVABLE!!! One of our guides was driving along and saw an owl on the ground so he walks over to assess the situation and.....

Posted by Champion Ranch on Monday, September 18, 2017

Although it's easy to root for the owl in this scenario, only the strong survive in nature. On this day, our feathered friend was the weak one.

Now, a video showing the bullsnake trying to swallow that owl would be something else to watch.

Nature. It's never pretty when it comes to survival.

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Video: Owl Pays The Ultimate Price for Trying to Take On Bullsnake