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Snowy Owl in Montreal Poses for Traffic Camera Selfie

Transport Quebec

This snowy owl has the selfie game dialed in. Check out these incredible images, captured by a Montreal traffic cam, showing this majestic bird spreading its wings.

The snowy owl ranks as one of the most majestic birds out there. Spending their summers north of the Arctic Circle, these owls migrate southward during the winter months in search of food.

Southern Canada, namely Ontario and parts of Quebec, are a hot bed for these winged visitors each year, giving many folks the treasured opportunity to view them up close and personal.

These images were captured January 3 by a traffic camera overlooking Highway 40 and Sources Boulevard in Montreal.

Transport Quebec

Even the Transport Minister tweeted about the once-in-a-lifetime traffic camera sighting.


Snowy owls prefer to hunt over large expansive fields, and by perching on a lamppost such as this, they maintain their bird’s eye view of some prime real estate.

This snowy owl selfie is going to be a tough one to top. But then again, we do have a few months of winter left.


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Snowy Owl in Montreal Poses for Traffic Camera Selfie