VIDEO: Opening Day Hunt Spoiled By Chainsawing Neighbor

This hunter experienced one of those unfortunate opening day mishaps when his neighbor decided to go out and cut wood... with his dog.

There's that old old saying that goes something like "the best laid plans of mice and men." Well, whoever came up with that one didn't hunt the opener in North Carolina with this poor guy.

Seems that on the opening day of rifle season this poor fellow's next door neighbor thought that it was the right time to go out into the woods 100 yards away—with his dog—and use his chainsaw.

You can just see him in the upper left corner of the video:

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To our utter dismay, not everyone out there is a deer hunter. Even if the neighbor with the chainsaw is a deer hunter, there's not much you can do about it when he's on his own property.

Having said all that, this is still pretty bad timing by the neighbor. Even if he doesn't hunt, he has got to know that the season is on.

Again, here is another disrespected hunter that had a very decent response to the whole thing and just resigned himself to try another day.

What do you think? Was the neighbor a jerk, or was it just part of hunting around other people's property?