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VIDEO: It's Not the Best Idea to Go Fishing in a Tornado

Words to live by: Do NOT go fishing in a tornado.

Filmed in Loch Raven Reservoir in Baltimore County, Maryland, earlier this month, this video shows what can happen if you go fishing in a tornado.

As you just saw, the fishing was about the same before and after the tornado, but the safety of the angler was dramatically better after the storm. The fish don't seem to mind the heavy weather that much, but this guy's boat was having a hard time with those white-capped waves.

It's important to note that the angler was using the bait in the right way. Mimicking the patterns and behaviors of the bait fish. Find out what the bass are biting in your neck of the woods and you'll be very successful on the water.

Here's a few more word to live by: NEVER underestimate the power of nature. Next time you see a storm coming don't be brave, get out of nature's way and get to safety.


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VIDEO: It's Not the Best Idea to Go Fishing in a Tornado