Trolling Hyalite Reservoir in Montana, Does it Get Much Better?

After a long day in the office, sometimes the best remedy is a fishing trip out to Hyalite Reservoir.

It was a Tuesday, and as I looked out the windows of my office I noticed the sky was clearing up and temperatures were cooling off. The day before I'd been invited to join friend Adrian and his father Stan on another trolling adventure on Hyalite Reservoir. I was excited to clock out and head home to get my gear together before the picked me up.

By 6:00 PM we were knee-deep in the chilly water getting the boat into the water. Shortly thereafter we were cursing along with four poles trolling behind us each one equipped with shinny spinning lures. Stan landed the first fish, which was a descent sized cutthroat trout, and I knew we'd have more luck on the water.

As the sun began to sink in an ever-reddening sky, we found ourselves at the southern tip of the reservoir and turned the boat around. There were many other watercraft on the water and we had to negotiate the shoreline in order to find more fish. I was the next to land a fish as the pole in front of me started to shake violently. Again it was another cutthroat and we set it free in the water after removing the hook.

It was near dark when we were back at the boat launch preparing for departure. I took a moment to see the sun disappear over the mountains as a smoky sky's yellows and blues became increasingly vibrant. As usual I was honored to be able to call this slice of heaven my backyard, and I was humbling to get to witness the true beauty of Montana's wildlife and landscape.