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Hooking Cutthroat on Hyalite Reservoir in Montana

Located in Bozeman, Montana’s backyard is a slice of heaven known as Hyalite Reservoir.

It was a Friday afternoon when I was approached by my friend Adrian to join him and his father Stan on a fishing trip to Hyalite Reservoir. He told me they had a boat and would be trolling for fish in this pristine body of water.

Needless to say I jumped at the opportunity to spend a day on the water and get a chance to rip some lip in one of my favorite places in the world.

We got out to the water by noon and headed south following the banks. Soon we reached the southern region of Hyalite Reservoir and had no strikes. But the view was epic.


After navigating our way back near the boat launch, we headed to the dam which lines the north end of the reservoir. This is were our luck started turning around.

Shortly after making our turn, the water got deeper and ever so blue. Then Stan had a strike. I jumped into action and helped him land the fish. He was nice enough to let me take a picture with the little Cutthroat.


We saw another boat and some anglers on the banks as the sun wained in the sky. Every so often you’d hear a scream of excitement as someone near us would have a strike. The conditions were right and the fish were hungry. Stan landed two more cuttys, just before the sun went behind the mountain.


Although it was the middle of November, we had a great sunny day on the water. When it comes to days like these, maybe global warming isn’t so bad, at least for anglers like us hoping to extend the fishing season.


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Hooking Cutthroat on Hyalite Reservoir in Montana