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Video: This New Mexico Bull Elk is in One Heck of a Tangled Mess

This compassionate hunter risks serious injury in an attempt to free a tangled bull elk.

This bull elk found itself in quite a bind, as it had a massive ball of wire tangled tight in its rack. It's fairly safe to say the outcome would be bleak if not for the helping hands of some commendable hunters who were willing to risk life and limb in an effort to save him.

This tense video comes compliments of New Mexico-native Jesse Paulsen (@wildviking19), who recently posted the footage to his Instagram account. And as you're about to see, it shows his friend Lance, who happens to be a wildlife biologist and hunting guide, valiantly attempting to cut this majestic bull elk free.

Here's the eye-opening clip:

It's no wonder Jesse joked about nicknaming his buddy "Matador."

As it turns out, and as awesome of an effort Lance gave, he unfortunately wasn't able to free him.

"The tangle was too tough - I couldn't get it out on our own. He was too strong and the tools I had didn't do the job."

But we're happy to report this story does have a happy ending:

"Another group of guys went up later and had to saw off his antlers to get him loose. He seems to be ok and ran off in decent shape," commented Lance on his Instagram account (@blue_jay9).

The unselfish actions of hunters never cease to amaze. Well done, guys!

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