VIDEO: Mossy Oak Kennels 'The Specialists' Latest Episode

Here's the latest from Mossy Oak Kennels and their expert Bill Gibson.

Boasting over 50 years experience training dogs for duck hunting, Bill Gibson's tenure with Mossy Oak Kennels is commendable. Watch this video and get a sneak peak at why they call him one of the Specialists.

Mossy Oak Kennels has only been open for a little over a year, and Bill Gibson's expertise will surely carry the business onto a bright future with the hunting community.

As you just saw these dogs will go through a specialized training which lasts several months. The dogs will go through four levels of training to gradually develop complex skills used in duck hunting scenarios. They will be able to respond to commands via whistle and work up to 125 yards from the blinds.

Consider taking your pooch to this facility and get some of the best training around for hunting season. With Bill Gibson and Mossy Oak Kennels on your side you've secured as win-win.