duck hunting in south carolina

A Quick Look at the Epic Duck Hunting in South Carolina

The history of duck hunting in South Carolina is rich, and the strong tradition continues today.

If you've never been duck hunting in South Carolina and want to see what it's like, this video will provide a great sneak peek. Check out this video and witness the epitome of the hunting that exists in South Carolina.

Joseph Richardson, owner of the Catfish Farm, knows properties like his are curtail to the future of duck hunting in South Carolina. Through rigorous conservation efforts, places like his will be protected the ensure a healthily development of the ducks' environment.

The ducks are more likely to return to places were they experience little pressure and feel safe. For generations to come, ducks will return to South Carolina where they've found solitude and safety.

According to Bob Perry of the South Carolina DNR, abut 30,000-35,000 hunters purchase stamps to for duck hunting in South Carolina. Opportunity is abound in South Carolina, especially if you're a duck hunter.