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Duck Hunting in the Sea and Loving it

duck hunting in the sea

They go duck hunting in the sea in Maryland, and it’s quite lucrative.

Capt. Jeff Coats takes Pitboss Waterfowl duck hunting in the sea, and the boys have a blast.

Watch as they harvest several impressive birds over the deep blue sea.

Judging by the accuracy of those shots, these guys were seasoned hunters and found duck hunting in the sea to be fulfilling. They were able to take down many birds and enjoy the fruits of their labor.

Did you see the water splash around the ducks when the hunters took their shots? It look as if the bullets were hitting and duck and the area all around it on several occasions.

Although these guys had a great time duck hunting in the sea is Maryland, there are plenty of other great locales near you. All you have to do it go out and find them before the season’s over.


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Duck Hunting in the Sea and Loving it