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Video: Luke Bryan and Matt Light Hunt Elk Out West

Buck Commander is quickly becoming the celebrity hunting show.

How are there this many big names on one hunting show? It's crazy enough that all these guys know each other and that they all love to hunt together, but it seems like every episode features another recognizable name.

This time it's Matt Light, who's made an appearance before, but isn't considered one of the "Buckmen."

A three-time Pro Bowler and three-time Super Bowl champion, the former Patriots offensive tackle has spent a considerable amount of time in the woods since his retirement.

And apparently, he has just has much of a gift for bowhunting as he does for football.

In this episode of Buck Commander, he sets out on an elk hunt in New Mexico while country music singer Luke Bryan goes on a hunt of his own in Colorado. But which will come back with dead bull?

Watch the video below:

While only one of these hunts had a happy ending, both looked pretty incredible. Obviously, Light will have more to be excited about in the coming weeks, but it's not always about the harvest itself. The encounters alone are often even more exciting than actually taking the shot, and Bryan certainly had some pretty wild encounters in this episode.

Even though that bigger bull busted him, there's no doubt it was a hunt he'll never soon forget. To be in Colorado of all places and see a bull that close is something a lot of people won't ever experience, so hopefully he walked away with his head held high.

On the other hand, Light had the elk hunt people dream of: a bull charging toward a well-executed call.

Congrats to him on a great shot, and fingers crossed Bryan's second elk hunt has a better ending!