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Video: Important Factors to Consider When Buying Survival Boots

Survival Boots

Protecting your feet should be your top priority in the wilderness.

When prepping for a survival type of scenario most people are thinking of fire starters, water purification or food supplies. One thing that often gets overlooked is footwear.

That's why YouTube's Survival Lilly put together a whole video focusing on survival boots. Here are her recommendations based on personal experience and a few tips on what to look for before you shop.

Most people are going to learn the way Lilly has, which is through trial and error. But taking in the many factors before you buy will save you time and money in the long run. In a hunting or survival situation, the right boot can make all the difference between success and failure.

Lilly mentioned how protecting your feet from snake bites and sharp hazards is important, but there's another factor to consider that she didn't mention. If your feet are uncomfortable, cold and wet, it can destroy morale, which can make all the difference in a survival situation.


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Video: Important Factors to Consider When Buying Survival Boots