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Video: Survival Lilly Demonstrates 5 Quick Urban Survival Tips

urban survival

These five urban survival skills could be helpful in an emergency.

When most people think of survival, they tend to think of surviving in the wilderness. While those are important skills, it's also important to consider urban survival skills.

Survival Lilly goes over five quick things in this video that could help save your life.

Everyone always talks about SHTF scenarios, but these skills could also be helpful in a natural disaster setting such as an earthquake or tsunami. We are especially impressed by the gas mask she displays here. Obviously, it wouldn't be our first choice in such a scenario, but it's way better than not having one at all.

Most people who have taken concealed carry training lessons are already familiar with the awareness she talks about at the end of the video. It's just a good idea, even if you aren't carrying all the time.

Keep these tips in mind because you never know when they might save someone's life


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Video: Survival Lilly Demonstrates 5 Quick Urban Survival Tips