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Video: Hungry Raccoon Hilariously Intercepts Hooked Redfish

hungry raccoon
Meredith McCord/Instagram

Getting hooked was the least of this redfish's worries.

Casting flies for hard-fighting redfish is an experience full of thrills. But when a trash panda shows up to help with the release, you can pretty much a guarantee you're going to laugh.

Meredith McCord posted the following video, titled "Bad Kitty," to her Instagram page. With it, she included this caption:

"When the day started off, we knew it was going to be awesome with no wind and blue bird. But we could never have anticipated how entertained we'd be by the smallest red of the day and a marsh kitty (aka raccoon, aka trash panda)."

You have to give this trash panda's determined if nothing else!

Have any of our readers ever had an experience quite like this before?

And for the raccoon, here's some friendly advice: next time where waders.

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Video: Hungry Raccoon Hilariously Intercepts Hooked Redfish