drag screaming catfish

Video: Guy Hooks a Drag-Screaming Catfish From a Float Tube

This massive catfish almost pulled this guy right out of his float tube.

When you're talking about the difference between a big catfish and monster catfish it all depends on who the fisherman is. Channel catfish can get pretty big, and flatheads can get even bigger. If you're talking to an angler who targets the big blue catfish, then you're talking about a completely different beast.

If you ask a fisherman who's ever tangled with a wels catfish, they'll laugh at this. But still, this cat comes out of the cover and looks like it'll only tease the fisherman.

We're not talking about a world record or even a state record here, but a big catfish is a big catfish. Try telling folks that you caught it on a topwater frog lure, and the conversation will take off.

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Show them this video and their eyes will pop out of their heads!

Chicken liver and cut bait aside, using a float tube takes catfishing to another level. These powerful fish are known for growing big and fighting hard, so what happens when you have no leverage whatsoever?

This one seemed to be living in a brush pile in shallow water, where you'd like see someone noodle one out for dinner. Who knew we only had to pop a plastic frog to get one to come out and play?

Well, that makes two of us!

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