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Virginia Angler Catches and Releases 102-Pound Blue Catfish

blue catfish
Bobcat's Bait & Tackle/Facebook

This monster catfish almost looks too big to be real.

We all love a good fish story, and this one out of Virginia doesn't disappoint.

As reported on the Bobcat's Bait & Tackle Facebook page, David Hanks Jr. wrestled with a 102-pound blue catfish April 26 and came out on top. And, the grip-and-grin pics sure have us smiling.

Hanks Jr. was fishing alongside Bobby Hanks and Don Kingsford when the big blue bit.

And yes, the girthy gal is still out there swimming, ready for another lucky angler to play tug-of-war with her.

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Virginia Angler Catches and Releases 102-Pound Blue Catfish