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Here's What 95 Pounds of Bow-Fished Stingray Looks Like

Hannah Barron loves hand-wrestling cats, but she never passes up the chance to take out a ray with her bow.

The name Hannah Barron is becoming well-known in outdoor circles, and that's largely in part for the attention she gets for hand-wrestling cats. Her noodling videos are epic to watch, and we here at Wide Open Spaces love to share them with our readers. (To watch her latest video, click HERE.)

But Hannah isn't one-dimensional when it comes to enjoying the outdoors. Far from it. She loves to hunt, fish (with a rod!), and bowfish - the latter a definite passion. Which brings us to the latest adventure she recently, a night guided by the Fish-Kabob Bowfishing guys (follow their Facebook page!).

Here's Hannah's take on going '10 Rounds' with an angry stingray:

"After around an hour of fighting, 6 arrows, and 2 gaffs, we finally got this big girl in the boat! Every one of us had at least one arrow in her, and several pulled out and had to be reshot. She weighed in at 95lbs! Our biggest sting ray to date! It took everything I had and some help to lift her high enough for a picture. And yes, we eat them."

Hannah Barron

Hannah Barron

Hannah Barron

Hannah Barron

Talk about one beast of a ray! We can only imagine the fight - and fun - that trophy provided.

And Hannah's right about eating them. Stingrays are by all means edible. According to Wikipedia, the most prized parts are the wings ("flaps" is the proper terminology), the "cheek" (the area surrounding the eyes), and the liver. Yummy!

We can't wait to see what Hannah has up her sleeve next!

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Images Courtesy of Hannah Barron Outdoors/Facebook.

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