grouse flushes from snow
Facebook: Dawson Daigle

Video: Grouse Rises From Snow So Deep, It's a Wonder It Got Out

Ruffed grouse seem to always flush from the most unexpected places.

Every bird hunter knows the feeling. You're trekking through the woods with your eyes peeled, the dogs in your peripherals and your finger on the trigger. You think you're ready for a bird to flush.

If you're an experienced grouse hunter, though, you know you can never truly be ready for a bird, as they're so unpredictable.

In the following clip Dawson Daigle posted to Facebook, we see a ruffed grouse flush from a deep layer of snow right in front of him.

Watch the video below:

As a ground bird native to the northern states and Canada, it's is no stranger to snow. So, this actually happens more often than you think when you hunt grouse in the snow.

However, the fact this guy has his camera ready to capture some slow-motion footage is truly impressive. It looks like he followed the tracks all the way to that spot, but it's possible he actually saw the bird dig himself into the snow, too.

The aggressiveness you see in this bird's flush is what gets upland hunters addicted to the grouse woods of Wisconsin and Minnesota, though. There are a lot of upland birds you can chase with a dog, but none flushes quite like a grouse.

Plus, nothing beats the challenge presented by a bird that resides in the middle of the woods, as when you are ready to pull up for a shot, you have to hope there's a shooting lane for you to have a prayer. These birds are fast and scary smart, so more times than not, they know their escape route before they move a muscle.

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