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YouTube: Logan Hunter

Grizzly Viciously Invades Black Bear Den

Incredible footage shows the merciless power a grizzly bear possesses. 

If you're lucky, and I mean incredibly lucky, you may stumble across a scene in nature that's absolutely jaw-dropping. For two Canadian hunters, that once-in-a-lifetime experience happened Oct. 25.

Logan Hunter and his father were hunting 40 minutes outside of Whitecourt, Alberta, when they pulled up in their truck to a life-and-death battle in progress. A massive grizzly bear was feverishly tearing apart a black bear den, which contained a frightened mother and her three cubs.

Lucky for us, Hunter began filming the raw scene from the safety of the truck—and from less than 10 yards away!

The power of nature is a formidable one.

The fate of the one young cub is unknown. Some have commented on Hunter's video that they believe the cub made it up a tree to safety, as if caught, a grizzly would quickly snuff out those cries for help. What's your guess?

This video does highlight the importance of being "bear safe" when wandering in the woods. As you just saw, it's lights out if this brute was to get a hold of you.

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