fishing eagle
Derril McKenzie/Facebook

Eagle Decides to Join These Guys on Their Fishing Boat

We all know eagles love to fish, but this is pretty nuts!

These buddies weren't looking for a third fishing partner, but when an eagle decided to join them on their boat, they certainly weren't going to object.

We've seen some crazy stories over the years, but this one might just take the cake. Derril McKenzie and a friend were fishing Gardam Lake, located in British Columbia, Canada, on Aug. 31.

Fishing was slow, and according to McKenzie's Facebook post, the pair hadn't caught anything. Suddenly, and out of nowhere, an immature bald eagle swooped down and landed on the side of the boat.

Check out these crazy pics!

fishing eagle

fishing eagle

fishing eagle

fishing eagle

fishing eagle

"It ended up on my head and shoulders," McKenzie's Facebook post read. "Took a bite of my arm and talon holes in my shirt! A life experience for sure!"

How cool is that?!

And without the photo proof, I'm sure this would have been just another fishing tale two guys decided to tell.

P.S. Don't forget your life jacket next time, eagle.

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