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Video: Flattop Deer Drops on One Shot

dozer deer

You have to take your fair share of flattops when deer hunting, and this one made some fine sausage.

This old WWII surplus bulldozer has been sitting dormant on a family property for years, and with the amount of tracks going by it, why not try sitting there?

Here’s a little GoPro video I took on the second day of NY firearms season to fill one of my doe tags, and as it turned out, this fat doe never took another step.

I wish every deer would go down this fast:

The first time I watched the video, I immediately noticed how many times I adjusted the grip of my left hand. Even after so many deer, the nerves are still spectacular!

I had hoped the doe would stop broadside, but my “smooching” sound turned those satellite ears right at me. I hit her square in the brisket with a 2-3/4-inch, Hybrid EXP Lightfield rifled slug, which I found all the way down in the pelvis as soon when I started field dressing her!

I just like the idea of shedding some light on one of the most important, yet unspectacular aspects of deer hunting. Freezer first, wall second.

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Video: Flattop Deer Drops on One Shot