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Video: Female Lynx Wants Nothing to Do with Male Suitor

Here's the crazy feline equivalent to "Not tonight dear, I have a headache."

Although wildlife is all around us, getting a glimpse into the private life of certain species is often a rare sight.

Famous Amos Photography stumbled upon an incredible interaction between a pair of lynx recently while out in the boreal forest of Grande Prairie, Alberta. And, what he captured on film is definitely an eye-opener.

"Had one of the most epic experiences of my life last night! I was driving down a back road in the forest when I saw some movement about 80-100 feet up the tree! 2 Lynx screaming at each other and appeared to be fighting! The male chased a female Lynx up a tree and she started swatting at him. He retreated down the tree and then a about an hour and a half came back and ran up a tree for round 2! She won the battle again and he walked away for the last time all sad that she wasn't ready for love!" 

Those ear-piercing screams would keep you up at night if you were camping nearby, wouldn't they? What's also astounding is how high they are in that tree.

This is an awesome encounter few of us will ever see in the wild.

Nature never ceases to amaze, does it?

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