kayak fisherman
YouTube: Michael Rischer

Kayak Fishermen Learns Why It's Important to Be Alert on the Water

Don't just assume you're safe while kayak fishing.

Fishing out of a kayak has quickly become a go-to way for many fishermen, as they allow anglers to get into tight places.

The trouble is other folks in bigger fishing vessels may not see you if they aren't paying attention.

That's when things like this can happen:

It was remarkable how calm he stayed through that. And, if you're thinking he really didn't get hit all that hard, you've never been hit by a boat while sitting in a kayak.

Despite all of his diligence in using a blaze orange flag and an orange buoy, the boater still side-swiped him.

While the other boater stopped, he didn't seem to say much or stay long, prompting the kayaker to take some pictures.

What would you do in this situation?

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