Kayak Angler Charged With Fraud

Kayak Angler Caught Cheating in Bass Tourney, Charged With Fraud

You won't believe what this angler did in an attempt to win.

Kayak tournaments are won by amassing the greatest number of inches. And, since the boats don't have live wells, anglers take real-time measurements with an approved "bump board" and text officials a photo.

For Texas angler Brent Taylor, 30, taking a shortcut (quite literally) has led to fraud charges and allegations of cheating.

During a tournament on Decker Lake April 14, Taylor allegedly cut the tail of a largemouth bass to deceive tournament officials by making his legally caught bass appear longer than it actually was.

Taylor allegedly placed the cut tail farther back on a live-caught fish, covering the cut with his hand while taking photos.

Here is the official statement from the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department:

"Game wardens investigating possible bass fishing tournament fraud in Travis and Bastrop counties discovered a unique sleight of hand while checking the potential violator after he had submitted questionable photos to a tournament on Decker Lake. The catch and release kayak fishing event used photos taken by contestants out on the water of their catches placed on a measuring board, with the angler having the most inches of bass in the aggregate declared the winner. Upon inspection of the violators [sic] vessel, a cut tail of a bass was found in the paddle well of the kayak. The violator initially stated he found the cut tail in the reeds and was taking it to shore to turn it in. Later the violator confirmed to have used the tail to place over another bass, using his hand to cover the questionable area, to make the fish look longer on multiple occasions. The violator was arrested for fraud in a fishing tournament. The charges are pending."

Taylor now faces charges of fraud in a fishing tournament and possession of marijuana (less than two ounces).

His first court appearance is scheduled for May 29.

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