DBR Snake
YouTube: DemolitionRanch

Demolition Ranch Tests Out a Double-Barreled AR, the DBR Snake

Behold the double-barreled AR!

YouTube firearms enthusiast Demolition Ranch owns an insane amount of firearms. Matt likely has enough to make a small army jealous at this point. If you name it, he either has it or is at the very least considering a purchase.

But he just recently bought something that's unlike anything we've ever seen on his channel before and it blew us away.

Watch as he takes the Gilboa Snake Double Barrel AR-15 rifle for a test. That's right, double barrels!

It's like they took two standard AR-15s and melted them together to make one single firearm. Two barrels, two magazines, two triggers and apparently, twice as much fun at the range just based on Matt's reaction.

I suppose we shouldn't be too surprised someone made this and that Matt just had to buy it. He has something of a penchant for buying firearms with no practical purposes other than to have fun burning through a lot of ammunition in hurry.

Interestingly, from what we can gather based on a little internet research, it seems not many DBR Snakes were made. The only sale listing we found came in at a hefty $5,500! We probably don't want to know what Matt paid for this thing. But it sure was interesting to see and watch him shoot. We're guessing the DBR Snake will be making a lot of appearances in his future videos!