Demolition Ranch

Video: Demolition Ranch Talks YouTube's Gun Content Policies, His Channel's Future

What is the future of "Demolition Ranch?"

YouTube has been in the news quite a bit recently. There's a whole variety of issues coming up between YouTube and some of the creators who've helped make the site such a success.

It's probably safe to say the site has somewhat of a rocky relationship with the users who have created successful channels revolving around firearms. Matt Carriker, aka Demolition Ranch, has one of the more popular gun channels on the site.

In a recent video on his secondary channel "Off the Ranch," Matt sat down to talk about YouTube's newest gun content policies. He addresses rumors of the site banning gun content, as well as his future with the site. He starts talking about it right around the 10:20 second mark.

Matt has tried the alternatives, but YouTube is where the viewership is. The channel will just now be lacking some of his more popular videos like custom shotgun shell loads, which were deleted. But he certainly has confidence his channels aren't going anywhere.

Demolition Ranch isn't the only YouTube gun channel to face controversy. Hickok45, who has over 3 million subscribers, had his channel completely go missing two years ago. But it was quickly brought back. There's still some confusion as to whether it was an error or intentional.

Larger channels like Hickok45 and Demolition Ranch are probably safe for the moment. If nothing else, YouTube probably values the amount of traffic they generate on the site. Matt has almost 5 million subscribers on his primary channel and also runs two other popular secondary channels called "Vet Ranch" and "Off the Ranch."

The fate of smaller gun channels remains to be seen. For now, it seems Matt is going to try to work within YouTube's new rules. And, unless a viable competitor for the king of internet videos comes along, it seems that's where he'll stay.

We'll keep an eye on the ongoing controversy and bring you the latest here at Wide Open Spaces.