Video: Even Hitler Doesn't Like Crossbow Hunting

Crossbows during archery season? Say it ain't so!

Here is a zany, comical look at what it would be like if hardcore traditional archery hunter, old Adolph Hitler himself, were to find out crossbows were suddenly allowed in his area during archery-only season.

Learning that "crossguns" are now allowed in his home area during bow season, Adolf loses his lunch and goes off on an epic rant that will scar all bowhunters for life. When he hears from his fearless minions that crossbows will allow for more people to enjoy hunting, his only response is, "More people hunting?!!! Screw the people!!"

Here is a short, three-minute video—obviously written by someone who knows the subject quite well—that'll have you hooting, howling and shaking your head at the same time!

While this is obviously a parody, there's actually some substance to this argument! Bowhunters everywhere look forward to the one time of the year when they have the woods all to themselves.

"Fred Bear is rolling over in his grave right now!"

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