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Video: Motorcyclist is No Match for a Charging Moose

raging cow moose

A road-raging cow moose just launched a clueless motorcycle rider into orbit.

A big cow moose jumped onto a roadway and into the middle of traffic, launching a man on a motorcycle into the busy street. Dash camera footage showed the beast coming from seemingly nowhere to strike the man in what appears to be a wooded area near a city.

The man seemingly never saw the moose coming, although that may have been for the better as he was certainly more relaxed when the big cow took him down. In the aftermath, you can see him sitting on the guard rail trying to gather himself.

Try to imagine yourself riding your bike slowly through traffic in the town where you live, and a 700-pound moose bowls you over! There may be a few of you out there who can understand this, but most of us don't.

Posted by Владимир Егоров on Wednesday, August 29, 2018

It's not completely certain where this is, but the words written on the billboard look to be some kind of eastern European, possibly Russian or some other language.

It doesn't really matter other than the fact the man on the bike didn't look to be seriously hurt, but certainly shaken. Thank goodness he was OK!

Who do you know who's had a run in with a moose like this?

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Video: Motorcyclist is No Match for a Charging Moose