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Can You Recite the Rapala Prayer by Heart? [VIDEO]

When you can recite the Rapala prayer by heart you’re allowed to go fishing, and not before. Amen.

Bow your heads, tough guys, and remember the Rapala prayer.

This one came out about 10 years ago and made believers of us all.

We always knew that fishing was a religious experience, now there’s proof.

Genuflect, hit replay, and repeat after me:

“Oh Lord…There he is…It feels like a big one…Please don’t let me lose him…I’ve never caught one this big before. I’ll try not to horse him, and if I land him, I promise to release him…and make a graphite replica if my wife says it’s ok. Thank you for the Rapalas…Amen.”

Smiling yet?

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Can You Recite the Rapala Prayer by Heart? [VIDEO]