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Video: Colorado Officials 'Convince' Urban Bear to Leave City With Rubber Slug

Urban Bear

'Perfect shot! Right in the butt!'

One unfortunate truth of human expansion into the wild areas of the world means more and more wildlife are coming in contact with humans.

It's been happening a lot with bears and humans, especially in Colorado.

So when a wayward bear found himself in a storm drain in Colorado Springs last Thursday, officials wanted to make sure to reinforce its natural fear of humans. In order to do that, they gave him a little motivation in the form of a non-lethal rubber slug.

Check it out in the video below.

Bear Rescued from Storm Drain

So yesterday was interesting. We worked with Colorado Springs Utilities to rescue this bear from a storm drain.Our officers hazed the bear by using a non-lethal rubber slug to get it to leave the neighborhood as well as reinforce its natural fear of humans.How to bearproof your home:

Posted by Colorado Parks and Wildlife on Friday, July 27, 2018

Unfortunately, bears are winding up in places they shouldn't be more and more often these days, especially in Colorado Springs and a little farther north in Denver. In one particularly notable incident three years ago, officials had to remove a wayward cub who wandered into a Colorado Springs pizzeria and passed out after eating a bunch of the store's stock of dough. That bear later gained 100 pounds at a wildlife rescue center and was later released back into the wild.

The good news for this latest bear incident is that the slug should help re-establish that natural fear of humans. And, although it might've been a little painful for the bear, you have to admit, it was pretty funny to see, too. In either case, it's a win-win for both the humans and the animal.




Video: Colorado Officials 'Convince' Urban Bear to Leave City With Rubber Slug