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Hungry Bear Cub Raids Colorado Springs Pizza Parlor and Falls Asleep [PICS]

Louie's Pizza Facebook

Everyone loves pizza, even bears!

Employees of a Colorado Springs pizza restaurant got quite the surprise on Monday afternoon when a bear cub wandered in through an open door looking for a snack.

Police were already responding to a report of a bear cub wandering the streets, which almost sent a nearby school into lockdown. But school officials found there was no danger to students when they learned that the cub had invaded Louie's Pizza instead.

The Colorado Springs Gazette reported that the bear got into the store's prep room through an open door. Louie's Pizza employee Sawyer Janney said he was surprised by a fellow employee who suddenly fled the restaurant.

bear 2
Image from Colorado Springs Police Department

"He just yells 'bear' and runs outside," Janney told reporters.

An unnamed employee ran outside and flagged down a passing police officer who was searching for the bear.

Meanwhile, the bear was enjoying itself inside. It gobbled up some icing the restaurant uses for its "cini-bread" and then fell asleep on a storage rack shelf.

Parks and Wildlife officials soon showed up on the scene. They tranquilized the bear so it could be removed from the building.

Image from Colorado Springs Police Department

Once the animal was passed out, officials took the bear to a wildlife rehab center to be treated for a leg injury. They also discovered the animal appeared to be malnourished.

Parks and Wildlife spokesman Matt Robbins said they will attempt to rehab the young bear.

"If we get that weight up and the wound heals, it will go back into the wild," Robbins told reporters.

Police couldn't locate a mother bear or other cubs in the area, so it is being assumed the young bear is an orphan.

Louie's Pizza apparently wasn't too upset with the unexpected lunchtime visitor. They posted a photo of the cub on their Facebook page:


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Hungry Bear Cub Raids Colorado Springs Pizza Parlor and Falls Asleep [PICS]