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'Pizza Bear' Is Released into the Wild, Far Away from Nearest Pizzeria

9 News

The hungry bear cub that was captured after breaking into a pizzeria has since gained 100 pounds.

Remember the pizza shop bear? He became an Internet sensation back in September when he wandered into a Colorado Springs pizzeria and fell asleep after gorging on some frosting.

The wayward bruin cub was starving and had a slight injury when he was removed from Louie's Pizza by wildlife officials and taken to a rehabilitation center. Now he's been released back into the wild.

This was one hungry, hungry bear cub, and apparently, he loves more than just pizza. 9 News reports the cub weighed 40 pounds when first captured. But since then, he's packed on an additional 100 pounds! While acclimating him for the wild, officials made sure he had little interaction with humans.

"We need wild animals to be wild, and once an animal learns...they're intelligent animals," Colorado Parks and Wildlife's Frank McGee said. "Once they learn that people are a food source, it's usually downhill from there."

Pizza bear was released in a den to hibernate for the winter with two other rehabilitated bears. Officials are keeping the exact location a secret to protect the pizza bear and his companions, but it is reportedly a few hours outside of Colorado Springs.

Officials just need to make sure this hungry bruin can't come back for seconds!

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'Pizza Bear' Is Released into the Wild, Far Away from Nearest Pizzeria