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Video: Overzealous Tom Turkey Harasses City Walker

Spring is in the air, and this Tom turkey isn't afraid to show it. 

As subdivisions continue to encroach on urban areas, interactions between city folk and wandering wildlife will continue to rise. One plus side is that they produce some hilarious clips.

Little did this city walker know that his pleasant stroll through this neighborhood in Brampton, Ontario, would be interrupted by a turkey. And, as you're about to see, the strutting Tom was pretty relentless.

Chances are, this Tom was protecting his turf from what he perceived as a threat. And, he certainly made up for his lack of size with bravado.

It wouldn't surprise us if this was the first time this guy ever saw a wild turkey. You can't beat an introduction like that!

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Video: Overzealous Tom Turkey Harasses City Walker