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Driver's Windshield Connects With Flying Turkey

YouTube: ScaryMonstarr

Dashcam footage shows the moment of impact between a turkey and windshield. And yes, it leaves a mark.

It's always best to expect the unexpected when cruising down our roads and highways. Wildlife abound, and playing a game of "high-speed chicken" usually ends up bad for both parties involved.

You just need to look at these moose collision images to understand the severity of these unfortunate situations.

So how about hitting a turkey head-on? Well, even though they are a bird, they are a hefty one at that. And, as you're about to see, they'll most definitely leave a mark.

Here's the POV action:

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We're thinking this is similar in scope to that age old question, "Why did the turkey cross the road?"

As you saw, this turkey recognized a second too late the predicament it had gotten itself into. Unfortunately, it just couldn't get enough lift to fly safely over the car.

Best line? This one:

"Was that a bird? Yep."

RIP Turkey.

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Driver's Windshield Connects With Flying Turkey