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Watch: We Are All This Child Crying Over the Deer That Got Away

We've all felt this way, kid.

If you've ever watched the buck of a lifetime walk away without being able to seal the deal, you might know what this kid is feeling. TikTok user timandwren posted this adorable video of a child, clearly devastated by a missed opportunity to harvest a deer.

In the video, the child is bundled up in a winter coat and hat and having some big emotions. Tears streak down rosy cheeks as the child processes the disappointment.

The video clip opens with an adult male voice prompting the child. "What happened, Buddy?" he says.

"We tried to get a deer, but we can't," the kid sobs. The male voice is heard reassuring but the child, but to no avail. "The big deer just ran away and we can't get a shot at him," whimpers the young hunter.

@timandwren Well with our rifle season opener tomorrow it's time to revisit this gem. I love this video for a lot of reasons but especially for bringing so many of you to us. Wren isn't quite this little anymore but we can't give enough thanks for the support you have all given over these past years. Good luck on everyone's hunting season! #hunting #huntingseason #bigbuck ? original sound - Tim Hepworth

"That's okay, Bud, we'll get him next time," the adult responds. But the tears and boogers keep flowing down the little cheeks, as the child despondingly turns, head down, and says, "Yup...."

For any serious deer hunter, this may be the most relatable 15 seconds on TikTok—especially to any who hasn't yet had success this hunting season.

The post was flooded with commenters offering their perspective. "OMG, her little freezing cold, runny nose, shaky voice broken heart tears hurt feelings and her last YEEEP as she turns and walks away broken," wrote TikTok user Teresa on a repost of the video.

Many of the commenters mention how cute the kid is, such as bgwheel, who wrote, "This is the sweetest heartbreak I have seen in months."

Others made jokes about the nature of whitetail deer hunting or tried to offer some support. "The big deer just ran away... story of my life," LexieLaGata commented. 

Many still, summed it up concisely: "If you know, you know," said user Bob Er. "Love this kid."

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