ghillie suit
YouTube: MiggyTube TV

Man Hides in a Ghillie and Scares People Walking By

The season for tricks is here, and a ghillie suit is an absolutely perfect scare tactic! Check out these hilarious reactions.

This guy set up along a jogging path in his ghillie suit to pop out at just the right moment.

He had some strategic ways of going about it, too, as he even planted a rubber snake as a distractor.

Check out these scares he risked life and limb for (well, depending on how strong that granny is)!

The beauty of a ghillie suit—if you're in the market for a new way to scare the crap out of people—is it also allows you to layer up and stay warm. So, in theory, you can be hiding longer, which will almost certainly result in better scares.

Plus, they look a little pretty terrifying at first glance, so it's a definitely a win-win.

Would you ever do this?

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