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Video: These Ghillie Suit Scares Are Hilarious

The season for tricks is here, and a ghillie suit is an absolutely perfect scare tactic! Check out these hilarious reactions.

This guy set up along a jogging path in his ghillie suit to pop out at just the right moment. He also planted a rubber snake as a distractor. Check out these scares he risked life and limb for (well, depending on how strong that grannie is)!

October is the month for scares and surprises. This time of year always has me looking for fun ways to get up to some playful pranking. I also get cold easy, so being able to get a jump out of people while fighting off the October chill is a win-win for sure!

Can you really have a better costume than a ghillie suit? They’re the perfect camouflage for a surprise scare. Plus, they look a little strange and intimidating even out in the open. Perfect for Halloween mischief!

What’s the best Halloween prank you’ve ever pulled?


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Video: These Ghillie Suit Scares Are Hilarious