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Epic Prank: Yell Piranha and See What Happens

You might lose a friendship if you try this prank involving fish food and a piranha. 

Watch closely. These guys thought it would be funny to yell "piranha" and watch their friend swim in terror.

Aí você vai dar um mergulho em um lugar paradisíaco e o filho da puta do seu amigo joga ração para peixe em cima de você e grita Olha a piranha.

Posted by Nóis é pobre mas num fede on Friday, September 15, 2017

This guy wanted to go for a swim until his friends threw fish food in the water on top of him. Without hesitation, fish swarmed the food looking for a meal.

At first, the swimmer thought piranhas were attacking him. But ultimately, he realized his friends had just thrown fish food in the water as part of a prank.

Would you do this to your buddy?

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Epic Prank: Yell Piranha and See What Happens