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Meandering Metro Atlanta Tiger Shot Dead (Yes, You Read That Correctly!)

Atlanta tiger

An Atlanta tiger is shot dead after multiple 911 calls were received about the feline in the city suburbs.

tiger was spotted by multiple witnesses in Atlanta on Wednesday, Sept., 7 off the I-75 exit ramp north near Jodeco Road.

Unfortunately, the six-year old Bengal tiger was put down by authorities as an obvious threat to humans and small pets.

The giant feline was revealed as the circus performer Suzy. She belonged to Feld Entertainment, Inc. and was owned by Alexander Lacey.

The circus cat was one of 14 cats in route to Tennessee from Florida and escaped a transport truck.

I'm sure when dispatch received a call about a tiger sighting on an exit ramp they probably thought the caller was senile. However, when they received multiple reports, they had to know it was no joke.

Reports dictated the tiger jumped a fence while chasing a dog. Henry County police officers were forced to shoot the tiger.

Early assessments believe the tiger was born in captivity and a victim of exotic animal trade.

Only four permits have been issued in Henry County for tigers, and they all belong to Noah's Ark Animal Sanctuary.

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Meandering Metro Atlanta Tiger Shot Dead (Yes, You Read That Correctly!)