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Video: Bear Absolutely Destroys a Car in Colorado

Jefferson County Sheriff's Office/Facebook

If you leave your vehicle unlocked in bear country, this could happen to you.

When in bear country, you absolutely have to lock your doors. Leave yours unlocked and a black bear will undoubtedly find a way inside.

A car owner in Colorado found this out the hard way, after a bear was locked inside his Subaru while parked on a road in Jefferson County.

And as you're about to see, bears pay no attention to table manners when they're rifling through your hatchback.

Bear locked car in Jefferson Co., Colorado

BEAR LOCKED IN CAR: Don't forget to lock your car doors. The following video was shot by the Jefferson County Sheriff's Office in Colorado of a bear that got locked in a car. Video Courtesy Jefferson County Sheriff's Office.

Posted by NBC Montana on Wednesday, August 1, 2018

This video comes courtesy of the Jefferson County Sheriff's Office.

There's no mention of a damage figure, but our guess is it was a pretty penny.

Let this person's misfortune be a reminder as to why you should always prepare for the worst in bear country.

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Video: Bear Absolutely Destroys a Car in Colorado