black bear couch
Mandy Stantic

Black Bear Casually Chills on a Couch in Manitoba Dump

These pics answer the age old question: yes, a bear does sit in the dump.

Although these delightful photos were snapped back in the spring, they are just now going viral, and for good reason. They show a black bear with its legs crossed like a human lounging upright on a discarded couch. All that's missing is a big bowl of popcorn and the TV remote.

Mandy Stantic was working as a nurse in the community of Lac Brochet, located in northern Manitoba, Canada. As many do in these out-of-the-way towns, the family took a day trip to the local dump to watch the black bears rifle through the rubbish. What they didn't expect to see was a bear masquerading as a human!


According to Stantic, there actually was an old TV laying on the ground in front of the couch, although it's not visible in any of the pictures. What are the chances?!

It makes you wonder if this bear found itself a comfy old bed to curl up on for the night? We wouldn't be shocked if it did!

Images via Mandy Stantic/Facebook.

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