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Video: Black Bear On Trail Forces Bike Rider Into Bushes

black bear

Better to jump ship than risk running head-on into a black bear.

It was like any other day in Alaska's Kincaid Park. That is, until James Chavez rounded a blind bend on his bicycle, because standing smack-dab on the trail ahead and showing no signs of moving was a plump black bear. That was when things came to a screeching halt.

Chavez posted his body-cam videos to Reddit where they quickly exploded with views.

"When I saw it I initially thought man, that's a fat dog, good thing it's out here getting some cardio in," he commented. "Then something clicked when I was in the shrubs."

There's no better way to test out the functionality of your brakes than by hurtling toward a bear at top speed!

This encounter reminds us of another video we shared. In this one, a grizzly bear surprises a group of Slovak mountain bikers by suddenly sprinting out onto the trail! You can watch that epic video HERE.

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Video: Black Bear On Trail Forces Bike Rider Into Bushes