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Video Animation Shows the Internal Workings of a Marlin 336

The Marlin 336 is one of the most popular sporting firearms ever produced. 

I own a Marlin 336 rifle. I got it from my father, who bought it, I believe, sometime in the early 1970s. It's a fantastic rifle, chambered in .30-30 caliber. It's my standard whitetail hunting rifle.

Here's a cool video animation that shows a cutaway view of the interior workings of a Marlin 336 as it goes through the firing process.

It shows the gun from several different angles and with various components highlighted to give you a thorough and complete understanding of how the rifle operates.

Wikipedia states that, "As of 1983, the Model 336 was ranked the #2 all-time leader in U.S. high-powered sporting rifle sales, after the Winchester Model 1894, with over 3.5 million sold."

The Marlin 336 has been in continuous production since 1948, and is currently produced by Remington Arms, which purchased Marlin in December 2007. Personally, I'm glad that my Marlin predates the Remington buy-out.

"In 1948, the Marlin Model 36 was replaced by the Model 336, which incorporated the patents of Thomas R. Robinson, Jr., a Marlin employee." 

The straight grip-stocked Winchester 94 is the most popular and widely sold lever-action hunting rifle, but the Model 36 - the precursor to the Model 336 - had a simpler internal mechanism and a full pistol grip-type buttstock.

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